Re: I have fallen in love with “Rich Men North Of Richmond” by Oliver Anthony

This black southern woman has gone country!

I would like to lift my voice to those who agree with this song. This isn’t a “right-wing” song. It’s a song of the working class people of our time. This is the song of people who have been brought to the end of their patience and who is tired of a divided country.

To the Rich Men North of Richmond: WE.SEE.YOU.

I am sick and tired of everything that is dividing the United States. Black people against white people. The push for children to become transgendered, the left vs the right. The old vs. the young. I’m sick of rich people acting like victims while poor people struggle to keep a roof over their heads.

I’m sick of the corruption that is in all areas of our society from politicians to entertainment. I’m sick of the change in language and the stupidity that people proudly display when they claim to not know what a woman is. I’m sick of people like Epstein getting away with acquiring young children for rich men  to abuse and use as they saw fit. The United States as a society is sick and it’s time we get her well again.

Oliver’s song is the song that is on most people’s minds.

While we are so busy arguing and fighting one another, we find out that people like Justice Clarence is accepting gifts and other expensive things from billionaires who were neither appointed or elected to office. We find out that many of our politicians made money off of the Covid-19 issues. We find out that much of the Covid relief funds were stolen. Our country burns in Maui while vultures try to get land from people whose homes burnt down and friends/family were killed in the fire.


May the Lord bless and keep Oliver and may his voice continue to speak for the people and for those who do not have a stage to speak on. We see the corruption going on and the sickness in our society.

Rich men North of Richmond! Your time for ruling, corruption and dividing us is slowly coming to an end.

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