Kate, the Princess of Wales controversy reaches a new height with hospital hack attempt

This is really bad....

I was just going to ignore the “Where is Kate” issue that keeps popping up on social media. After all, I’m not a huge fan of the royals. However, I read the new headline and article about how hospital staff at the hospital Kate had her surgery attempted to look at her medical records.

This is Princess Diana all over again but  with Kate, the Princess of Wales

I was a child when Princess Diana had died. I remember her death being all over the news in the United States. As a grown woman, I now know that it wasn’t just the media that was the problem but also the audience that the media catered to. The people who consumed every piece of content written by the hungry, angry, greedy media who pursued Diana like she was a piece of meat and they were starving wolves. But with every article, every picture put out, every video, there were people who decided to sit down and consume that junk.

Rather than complain or protest, demand they stop pursing a mother of two, the public continue to eat at the table along with these hungry media wolves. They didn’t stop until Diana was dead.

Oh they didn’t even stop after she was dead. They proceeded to create a Goddess out of Diana. Worshiped at her alter while their bank accounts got fat. They sold books, articles, TV shows, movies, Broadway shows, interviews and when that wasn’t enough, they sold her sons. Hacking their phones, following them, reporting every little thing and any little thing to create more wealth for themselves.

And the public ate it all up.

Now we are seeing the same thing happening to Kate. Thankfully, Prince Harry took his wife and kids out of that mess.

This isn’t the first time. We seen it when Kate was pregnant with her baby. When she went to give birth, two radio hosts from Sydney thought it would be funny to impersonate royals in order to get medical information from the hospital staff. This led to a nurse, a mother of two teens at the time, committing suicide because she mistaken the pranksters as real royals.

It was not enough that the media killed the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, they destroyed the life of a 16 year old boy and a 14 year old girl when their mother, who was the nurse that took the phone call, took her own life.

And now. A mother of 3 asked for medical privacy for just a bit but that isn’t enough. No the media not only in the United Kingdom but also in the US is pushing conspiracy theories so hard that even medical staffs are breaking the law.

Is the media trying to kill Kate so that they can have another generation of kids they can destroy and later hack their phones? Follow their every move as they grow up and try to destroy their relationships and marriages for money? For book deals? For tv shows, movies, and Broadway plays?

Social media and the public

I have been off Twitter/X for a while now because I cannot stand by while the media, social media, and the public consume the crap that mainstream media is putting out about Kate and her health issues. If people weren’t so into getting clicks on their videos or other content.

I have read Spare and I’m beginning to understand the trauma and pain Prince Harry went through. I am beginning to understand why he felt the need to take his wife and kid(s) away from the UK and it’s evil media.

I understand now why he said the public shouldn’t have cried for his mother because they didn’t know her. We knew her through the media. The same media that hounded her to death as they made money off her and continued to make money off of her long after her death. The same media that continued to make money off of Diana’s boys even to the point of hacking their phones.

I don’t trust the media!

The same public who should be outrage that this hounding still goes on for both Meghan and Kate. It is the media that continues to pit Meghan against Kate (which is why I will NEVER trust Omid. He lies just like so many other reporters in the media).


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