The Mainstream Media vs the Sussex Squad

Is this a fight between the Sussex Supporters and the mainstream media?

The brief era of “Where is Kate” is dying down now that Catherine, the Princess of Wales has announced her cancer diagnoses on camera for the world. However, now it seems that the mainstream media is putting a lot of the blame on the Sussex Squad for starting the bullying of the Princess of Wales.

Mainstream media: Disinformation result of Sussex Squad and  Russians

Importantly, there was an existing online subculture devoted to speculating about the royal family’s perceived institutional corruption and mistreatment of its members: supporters of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, often called the “Sussex squad,” had long combed royal coverage for evidence of wrongdoing. That community became a source of some of the conspiracy narratives that were amplified by social media algorithms and even a Russian-linked disinformation operation. And the scale of online speculation then became a subject of mainstream media coverage, which added further fuel to the fire, a feedback loop that Are said is common.

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Are there some people who are claiming to be supporters of Meghan and Prince Harry as well as part of the Sussex Squad that are making trouble on social media? Sure. Anyone could claim they are supporters of the Sussexes. Anyone can claim they are part of the Sussex Squad.

Dailymail ALLEGEDLY uncovered a troll

An article came out in the Dailymail which allegedly uncovered a “suburban conspiracy-theory super-spreader”  who used TikTok to spread lies about the Catherine, the Princess of Wales.

According to DailyMail (and ALLEGEDLY):

Paul Condron, who hides behind an anonymous TikTok handle, spewed deeply hurtful and false stories about Kate. His cruel claims were shared to millions around the world after being reposted by celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

quoted from The Daily Mail

This Tiktoker ALLEGEDLY made money flogging conspiracy theories of the Princess of Wales by selling an add-on subscriber service on his page and flogging his clothing merchandise through the official TikTok Showcase store“. 

There are probably many people like that online. Take the Black Lives Matter movement which seen a white man in Australia happily profiting off of the organization by setting up his own Facebook page to collect money into his Australian bank account.

Where there is money to be had, there are people who are willing to do and say anything to get the cash into their bank account even if it means spreading lies and conspiracies about the royals, a politicians, or an average citizen online.

While I’m not going to sit here and say the Sussex Squad are innocent people who would never spread lies or conspiracies, I will say that the mainstream media needs to dig deeper than the hashtags and someone self-identifying themselves as a Sussex supporter.

Are the Sussex Squad to blame for mainstream media attacks on the royals?

I don’t believe the Sussex Squad is to blame. The mainstream media were told that Catherine was going to take some time away from public duties due to health issues. It was clear. It was precise but because the mainstream media (particularly the royal reporters who make their money off of reporting on the royals) couldn’t have access to the Princess of Wales and her family while she healed from her surgery, the reporters got upset.

So when the Princess of Wales released her mother’s day photo taken by her husband, the royal reporters were angry. That was money out of their pocket. They proclaimed to the world that they had lost control over Prince William, the Prince of Wales and proceeded to make spread lies and conspiracies. It was ALWAYS about money and control with these royal reporters. They decide to base their entire career on reporting on royals but only specific royals. How many of them are reporting on Prince Edward and his wife? Or any other working royals?

The sad truth is that the mainstream media hounded Princess Diana to death and are more than willing to hound Prince William and Prince Harry as well as their wives even if it means placing the blame of them spreading lies and conspiracies onto the Sussex Squad.

Are the Sussex Squad members blameless?

I would say no. They aren’t entirely blameless but it is up to a professional journalist/reporter as to where he or she is willing to source their information. They are the ones with a platform and the professionalism to know what is proper and what isn’t. Instead, the mainstream media catered to clicks and traffic so were willing to spread lies and conspiracies even though they knew where Kate was this whole time.

The Palace was very clear. Catherine had surgery and needed to rest. But that wasn’t enough for the royal reporters and mainstream media. They wanted to know Catherine’s health issues so that they could make hundreds of articles about it. Since Catherine’s announcement that she was diagnosed with cancer, I have seen many mainstream media websites interviewing doctors. Here again, we see how this all played out for clicks, internet traffic, and money.

The Sussex Squad, if they are causing trouble, will be watched by the necessary authorities (be it the CIA, FBI, MI6, MI5, or whoever). Many of them knows that their information is being recorded by Twitter and the other platforms they are on so I doubt they would risk their personal information being doxxed or handed over by Elon or other social media platforms. There is no need to spread lies or conspiracies while being in support of someone.

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