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Catherine, Princess of Wales is NOT hiding anything

Medical privacy is not HIDING...

Another day, another news article to add fuel to the conspiracy fire. The media knows exactly what they are doing by using certain words.

Here is a quote from an article from the DailyMail:

The truth is, Kate has been hiding something. Personal and confidential medical details are a basic right most of us take for granted. She deserves no different.

quoted from Dailymail

There is a difference between “hiding” and “privacy”

The truth is the Princess of Wales is NOT “hiding” anything. Like all people who live in the free world, she is entitled to PRIVACY. This is the same thing the media has done with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Sussexes explained that they wanted PRIVACY with the ability to share what they wanted with the public. The media twisted their word around and reported that the Sussexes wanted their privacy (nothing about sharing what they wanted with the public…just privacy).

Here, we are seeing the media use the word “hiding”.

Why are words important?

The media knows that if they use the word “hiding” enough, it will continue to add fuel to the fire. People will continue to ask “What is Kate Middleton and the royals “hiding” from the public?” That will mean people will continue to click on articles on these media websites which means more ad dollars for these media corporation. These reporters know exactly what they are doing to keep the money train going.

One thing I was taught in my childhood was that the media is one of the worlds best and widespread propaganda machine. Be very careful with reading these articles.

IMO, the media has been financially enjoying the rift that is between the royals and the Sussexes. Now they are financially enjoying the money flow from the conspiracies that are being pushed about Catherine, the Princess of Wales. Don’t feed into the media’s bank accounts.

Where is Catherine, the Princess of Wales?

It’s easy to feed into these conspiracies. She’s at home with her 3 kids and husband. Whether or not she had medical procedures done and what was it that she had done is none of our business.

The problem with the media is that they can’t make money off of knowing what is going on medically with Catherine. If they did, they would have written thousands of articles, interviewed doctors, interviewed women with the same problem, written articles about “What are the chances Catherine could die” type articles, etc. It’s all about making money. They can’t make money on silence so the media stir up these conspiracy theories.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these anonymous Twitter/X accounts, Reddit accounts, faceless YouTube channels are just reporters spreading lies so that they can have articles to write and make more money from the clicks from the public.

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