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About Reply Girl

Reply Girl is simply a place where I can answer questions from around the internet in one place. While I enjoy having online conversation with people, there are times when I simply want to have my say on whatever question that interest me at the time.


Additionally, ReplyGirl is a place where I can post about my self-improvement and various other topics. I do understand that Google prefer niche sites but I’m a person of many ideas and many different interests. I prefer to have one blog with all of my interest and ideas on them rather than have many blogs with their own niche. I’m organized but just not in that way. Perhaps, in the future once each category on this blog have 500 or so posts, I will move each particular niche to their own site. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope that it will be easy for you all to navigate through the use of categories and tags.

Finally, I have hopes of starting my YouTube channel and will probably insert a lot of my videos on this blog as well as other people’s videos. Feel free to comment on my videos either on YouTube or on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I deeply appreciate you visiting.


P.S. A lot of the links on this site will be affiliated links. I will earn money from products and services I promote on here