Prince Harry is not straight? Another man said Prince Harry kissed him…

Is this a conspiracy or is the media trying to out Prince Harry as anything but straight?

Another day, another article of a man claiming to have kissed Prince Harry in the past. This time it’s Paddy McGuinness who is making the claim about Prince Harry in a podcast called


He claimed that the royal was ‘ripping my t-shirt off, ******* snogging and kissing me’ and then ‘ripped a photo of the Queen off the wall and said “I can’t have her watching me doing this”.’

Paddy McGuinness, 50, Top Gun (Quoted from DailyMail article)


The article stated that Paddy was on a night out with Prince Harry, One Direction band members, and a group of footballers (that’s soccer players from my fellow Americans).

According to one poster in the article’s comment:

One Direction formed in 2010, and Harry was 26 then. That’s the earliest day this could have happened if the band were there, so Harry was at least 26 but probably older. That is not too young to be able to control yourself when socialising, rather than act like an obnoxious entitled out of control adult pulling other adults’ clothes off them without consent.


So around the age of 26 years old (give or take a few years), Prince Harry was allegedly in a club where he not only ripped the shirt off a man, Prince Harry also, allegedly, kissed the man. I’m not a prude but I don’t think I know any straight man that would be willing to take off another man’s shirt, much less RIP a man’s shirt off of him while kissing the guy.

I just find it odd that the media feel the need to post things like this when Prince Harry never talked about it in his memoir, Spare.

If you would like to listen to the podcast yourself to hear what was said here’s a link:

Prince Harry, Card Roulette & a Trip to Amsterdam with Paddy McGuinness 

Harry allegedly kissed other men

This is not the first time the media written an article about Prince Harry ALLEGEDLY kissing a man.

Back in September 18, 2017, the Daily Mail published an article that stated:

Prince Harry has been dubbed a ‘great kisser’ by The Killers band member, Ronnie Vannucci.

quoted from DailyMail


The article goes on to say that Ronnie allegedly said:

He previously said: ‘He just showed up at a show one time and we got along. I mean, it’s been ten years I guess. There’s been a lot of long nights.’

quoted from DailyMail


There have been many other reports of Harry kissing men throughout the years.

Is the media reading too much into Harry’s sexuality? Should they leave him alone?

It is quite possible for Prince Harry to be a straight man who is comfortable with his sexuality. The media has no reason to continue posting articles about him kissing men unless Prince Harry wants to come forward with an explanation which he does not have to do. It’s his life.

When Prince Harry kissed and liked the face of one of his fellow soldiers, one person in the article put it nicely:

Said Tatchell: “For him to happily give his soldier friend a public kiss and lick his face strikes me as rather liberated and enlightened, for a straight man. If only more heterosexual men were relaxed about same-sex affection like Harry, the world would be a better place. The context and intention of words is crucial in deciding whether they are offensive or not. I don’t find anything objectionable about the context in which Harry used the word queer.”

quoted from Towleroad

Whatever Prince Harry may or may not be, he seems perfectly happy with his wife, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and two kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, in the United States of America. The proud father of two has been gracing the American and global public with his love story with his wife that continue to this day and hopefully for the rest of their lives.

The media needs to stop publishing and republishing articles of Prince Harry’s past. I doubt we will be hearing about Prince Harry kissing or “snogging” a man now that he has found his person in Meghan.

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