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Re: Did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry try to gag American children and teachers?

According to The Sun, the Sussexes allegedly did not want anyone speaking negatively about them

I just came across an article written by Daniel Bates on 23 Sep 2023 for The Sun online media. The article is titled SUSSEXES GAG KIDS Harry & Meg’s aides tried to GAG teachers & pupils as young as 5 at school where they filmed for their £80m Netflix show.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fled that United Kingdom because allegedly the royal family silenced her

I am not for or against the Sussexes but I refuse to believe that Meghan Markle, being an American who has claimed that the British Royal family had silenced her in the United Kingdom. The Sussexes claimed that allegedly the royal family did not allow her to use her voice which was part of the reason they FLED (not left…FLED) the United Kingdom.

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As someone who was silenced I doubt Meghan would ever want to silence others. She is above all that. Above all the negativity. Many people from the Pope to God has been talked negatively about, I doubt Meghan and her husband sits around and look at the negativity on social media.

To find out more about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, pick up the following:

I have my doubts about whether or not Meghan and Harry, who were given an award for fighting racism in the British Royal Family and hailed as heroes in some parts of American society, would use a common legal document which gagged American citizens from speaking negatively about the Sussexes including on social media from “now and in the future”.

This does not make sense to me at all. Meghan and Prince Harry allegedly stood up to the British Royal family, yet they were happy to send over a document that infringed on teachers AND young student’s rights to free speech in the United States? I refuse to believe these two would do something like that because they seem to be fighting for everyone else from paid leave for parents to pushing for Covid “recipes” to be shared with other nations.

I’m sure if the Sussexes knew that the document said that the teachers and children couldn’t speak negatively about the Sussexes “now and in the future” and including on social media, they would have stood up and change that. They are all for freedom of speech and allowing people to speak their truth, right?

No, I would love to see that document if The Sun would happily produce it or maybe someone should file for a Freedom of Information Request in order to have a look at it.

I wonder if the Sussexes will sue The Sun for that article. I am willing to wait and see what happens next.

As always,

Marie from ReplyGirl.com

SUSSEXES GAG KIDS Harry & Meg’s aides tried to GAG teachers & pupils as young as 5 at school where they filmed for their £80m Netflix show

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