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Re: Prince Harry’s Netflix Show Flops With Audiences

Has Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lost their shine?

I recently read the news that Prince Harry’s documentary called “Heart of Invictus” had dropped on Netflix. Since I’m in Turkiye, I decided to check to see if it was trending or in the Top 10 similar to the Sussexes’ six-part “Harry and Meghan” docuseries but to my mild disappointment, “Heart of Invictus” was not in the Top 10. In fact, I had to scroll left twice just to get to the documentary in the “New Releases” category.

I am planning on popping some popcorn on Saturday and taking the time to watch “Heart of Invictus”. However, I have been reading the various reviews on it and many seem to focus on Prince Harry’s talk of trauma over losing his mom which I doubt is the main focus of the documentary.

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Newsweek is reporting Harry’s Documentary flops

According to an article on written by James Crawford-Smith and published on September 1, 2023, Prince Harry’s “Heart of Invictus” flopped similar to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s “Live to Lead” documentary which no one is talking about.

A quote from the Newsweek article:

Though Heart of Invictus has won over film and television critics, its failure to find instant popularity on the Netflix platform which would have been reflected in a position on the daily Top 10 chart, echoes the failure of Harry and Meghan’s second TV project titled Live to Lead.

Could this be true? Has the “Heart of Invictus” flop?

Maybe people will look at it later and Netflix will soon promote it

Personally, I have so many different shows on my “To Watch” list but little time to binge watch all of them. Maybe it is true for other people. August and September are months where many parents are preparing to send their children to school.

The stress of dealing with kids with new anxiety about going back to school, entering a new grade, and making sure they make a good impression on the first day or week back to school can be very heavy on parents.

Maybe Newsweek and others have judged “Heart of Invictus” too early? After all, this documentary is for a good cause. Showing how many military veterans participate in Invictus, their life stories, and how they are overcoming hardship.

As I have said earlier, I have yet to watch “Heart of Invictus” but going off of social media and the media, there seem to be mixed views. Personally, the documentary doesn’t seem to be promoted as much as Meghan’s “Archetypes” podcast, Prince Harry’s “Spare” memoir, and other content that was put out previously by the Sussexes. Maybe that is the problem and the reason it flopped?

Either way, I look forward to watching it on Saturday and writing my own review.

Prince Harry's Netflix Show Flops With Audiences

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