Photographer Karl Larsen creates Royal Tour of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle routes

Just when I thought people can't sink lower, they do...

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has made it absolutely clear that they wanted privacy and left the United Kingdom for Canada. When the US was moving towards a lockdown, the Sussexes took a Freedom Flight onboard the Hollywood A-lister Tyler Perry’s private jet to California where they were allowed to stay at Tyler Perry’s home until they were able to buy a home in Montecito, California.

For awhile, there was news articles about how the Sussexes needed security to make sure their privacy would not be invaded. They were able to land contracts with Spotify, Netflix, and Penguin Random House which each paid millions for the content the Sussexes offered which allowed them to pay for the security they so desperately needed.

Karl Larsen Royal Tour

Karl Larsen, a photographer and friend of Thomas Markle Sr (Meghan Markle’s father), has decided to put together a royal tour for $1,200.00, according to the Mirror and other news sites. While everything will be in the public space, I believe this tour should not exist and the Sussexes should be left alone.


Part of the reason the Sussexes “fled” the United Kingdom and took a “Freedom Flight” to the United States is because they wanted to be left alone. Now in the United States, they are being hounded by people who want to tour places they have been or places they frequent.

Already the Sussexes made a big stink about a car chase between themselves and the paps in New York which set off the media. The media started comparing their car chase with the car chase that Princess Diana was in which led to her death and her boyfriend’s , Dodi, death. Right now, Americans have so many issues they are dealing with and the last thing we need is to be flooded by the media because someone is stalking or don’t want to leave the Sussexes alone.

I think Karl Larsen is a shady person for doing this tour knowing the Sussexes want to lead a private life with their kids. I hope no one signs up for this royal tour and continue to respect and stay away from the Sussexes as well as areas they frequent.


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