Popcorned Planet’s “joked” about fundraising a real life WorldWide Privacy Tour

PopcornedPlanet got doxxed by the SussexSquad for the "joke"

Whether you are for, against, or indifference to Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and her husband, Prince Harry, one thing is certain: They should be left alone to live out their lives in peace.

However, Popcorned Planet, a YouTube channel that is ran by  Andy Signore made a joke about renting a bus and going on a PUBLIC Worldwide Privacy Tour in Montecito, California where people would visit public places while holding “We want privacy” signs.

This Worldwide Privacy Tour comes from the South Park episode that parodied Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as the Prince of Canada and his wife. While the cartoon was funny and hit some important points, many have since moved on from it with the exception of Andy.

Part of the transcript from the video:

tour where we get to get the bus a coach bus and we take it up from La all the

way to Montecito and we’re gonna bring our we want privacy signs and our megaphones and we will go outside of

their home and demand privacy that is right and we may be able to invite

some of you as well we may be able to offer a few tickets to help us offset this bus tour I want to know who’s

interested who would pay to join us uh Steph and Andy hosted ride

to Monticello to go outside the gates with our very

own we want privacy signs

privacy I mean guys wouldn’t this be pretty

amazing this would be pretty amazing

Why I think the joke could potentially be dangerous?

We currently live in a time where many people suffer from mental health issues that isn’t being addressed by professionals or by the government. Some YouTubers have found themselves being stalked by fans while others were killed. The joke that Andy had made did include him saying to leave the Sussexes alone. He told his viewers to don’t attempt to stalk or approach the Sussexes.

However, the “joke” should not have been made in the first place because despite Andy telling his viewers to leave the Sussexes alone, there might be a few of them who will not listen. They will think that Andy’s little public Worldwide Privacy Tour “joke” was an awesome idea. He may not understand that there are people who dislike Meghan and Prince Harry.

There are also people who despises Meghan because they think she doesn’t deserve to be with Prince Harry due to being a mixed race woman or someone who doesn’t have the  ability to be a “royal” or whatever other reason there may be.

Two wrongs don’t make a right

I believe that the Sussex Squad should not have doxxed Andy. Instead, if they wanted to protect Meghan, Prince Harry, and their kids in any way, they could have started a GoFundMe to help them pay for security. Maybe contact local law enforcement about the “joke” and any arrangements that have been publicly outed so that the police can keep a closer eye on the Sussexes and their kids while Andy and his fans go on their PUBLIC Worldwide Privacy Tour. Doxxing really solves nothing other than put Andy’s kids and family in danger. Just like there are people who would hurt one or both the Sussexes because of hatred, there are people who love and support the Sussexes so much that they would harm others. Hence the doxxing.

I unsubscribed to PopCorned Planet

I had just recently learned of the channel after the YouTube algorithm recommended it to me. However, after the “joke” about the WorldWide Privacy Tour was made, I have decided to unsubscribe to the channel. I don’t agree with what they “joked” about even if it’s perfectly legal. Too many people take things too far and things get out of hand. The “joke

Prince Harry and Meghan Urged to Get a 'Restraining Order' Over Stunt

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