What Happens Now That Thomas Cook Has Collapsed?

Thomas Cook was the worlds oldest travel company at the time of its collapse in September 2019. The collapse of Thomas Cook led to “[h]undreds of thousands of vacationers ” being stranded in various countries. Many people have taken to the internet on sites like Reddit to ask how they could be reimbursed.

On YouTube, This Morning have a more in-depth video on what people need or should do during the collapse of Thomas Cook.

Additionally, The New York Times reported that:

Amid scenes of confusion at airports in European vacation spots, British aviation officials scrambled to stitch together a plan to bring home 150,000 travelers — the largest peacetime repatriation in the country’s history.





The British government will not be leaving their citizens stranded in other countries and are doing everything possible to get their vacationers home. However, many vacationers are wondering why Thomas Cook was allowed to take reservations right up until the minute they had announced the collapse of their company.


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