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GOOB means Going out of business
What does GOOB mean?

What Does “LuLaRoe GOOB” Mean?

If you have come across “Lularoe GOOB” that means the Lularoe consultant is “Going Out Of Business”. The consultant has decided that Lularoe is no longer a good fit and is trying to sell off their products to recoup their loss.

“GOOBs” is the plural form of GOOB

Another acronym that may also be seen is “GOOBER” which is simply the person who is going out of business or a “Going Out Of Businesser”. Understandably, “businesser” does not make sense but “Lularoe GOOBER” is used by many who are interested in Lularoe.

“GOOBers” is the plural form of GOOBer

Additionally, “GOOB Sales” is used sometimes to refer to “Going Out of Business Sales”.

GOOBing is the act of Going Out of Business.

Should You Buy From a Lularoe GOOBer?

Lately, there have been many Lularoe Consultants going out of business and having sales on Facebook and other places online. Purchasing Lularoe at full price or discounted is up to the buyer. Some buyers prefer to buy from current Lularoe consultants while others believe they are supporting women who are leaving, what they consider to be, a harmful MLM/pyramid scheme.

Either way, there is no harm in purchasing or not purchasing from a Lularoe GOOBer.