What are “Passport bros”?

In recent years, an emerging trend has been seen among Western men, which encourages them to obtain a passport and travel abroad. This trend, which is popularly known as “passport bros,” has its origins in the black community, but it has found its supporters outside of it too. The Passport Bros Lifestyle Twitter page defines this trend with the slogan, “Escape the hatred of feminist women and go to where you can thrive.” Let’s explore this trend and its implications in more detail.

The Trend of Passport Bros

This trend urges men to travel abroad to see new sights, try new foods, and meet women who are more “traditional.” Passport Bros tend to visit countries such as Sierra Leone, Thailand, Brazil, South Korea, and Italy, among others. These countries are perceived to have women who are more feminine, humble, and respectful to their men compared to Western women.

In many cases, the Passport Bros trend promotes marriage and settling down with these traditional women. However, critics argue that the trend encourages sexual tourism. Many of the men who engage in this trend visit multiple countries and spend their evenings with so-called traditional women, but they do not marry any of them. The fact that some men go on these trips and engage in sexual activities with women in these countries creates the impression that the trend promotes sexual tourism.

Positive and Negative Implications of the Trend

On the positive side, the Passport Bros trend encourages men to explore the world and expand their horizons. By traveling and immersing themselves in new cultures, men gain valuable life experiences and perspectives. Furthermore, the trend promotes the idea of men seeking relationships with women who are more compatible with their values and preferences. The traditional gender roles in some countries may appeal to men who feel that Western women are too combative and masculine.

However, the trend also perpetuates negative stereotypes and ideas about women from different cultures. It promotes the idea that Western women are unsuitable partners, while women from other cultures are more respectful, submissive, and traditional. This narrative is harmful and untrue, as women are not monolithic, and it’s wrong to generalize them based on their culture or ethnicity.

Moreover, the trend implies that women in Western countries are not as feminine or nurturing as women in other cultures. This notion can lead to gender stereotyping and harm the progress made by women to achieve equality in the workplace and society at large.

Risks Associated with the Trend

The Passport Bros trend has also been associated with risks, such as sexual exploitation, trafficking, and cultural misunderstandings. It’s crucial to note that men who travel abroad should respect the culture and people they encounter. They should also be aware of the risks involved in traveling and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

Passport bros trend continues to grow

The Passport Bros trend is a growing trend among Western males that encourages them to travel abroad to find traditional women who will “treat them right.” While the trend has some positive aspects, it also perpetuates negative stereotypes about Western women and women from other cultures. It’s essential to remember that women are not monolithic, and their personalities, values, and preferences are not determined by their culture or ethnicity. Men who engage in this trend should also be aware of the risks involved in traveling and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.