Re: ‘Who does Prince Harry think he is?’ Andrew Pierce slams Duke for expecting to stay in Royal palaces

They hypocrisy of the royals and royal reporters

The recent revelations surrounding Prince Harry’s uncertain reception on his next visit to England serve as a poignant reminder of the tumultuous relationships within the royal family. This discord is not a new phenomenon, as evidenced by a series of public critiques and disclosures from key members.

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Prince Charles had approved a biography where he candidly discussed his parents, portraying them as cold and distant figures. This unprecedented insight into the inner workings of the royal household shed light on a side of the monarchy that had long been shielded from public view. This stark portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip sent shockwaves through the monarchy, challenging the established narrative of their familial relationships.


Read the book Prince Charles allowed to be published about himself and his family:


Princess Diana, too, left an indelible mark on the royal family’s public image. Her own book offered a deeply personal perspective on her experiences within the monarchy. In it, she candidly criticized the royal institution, shedding light on the challenges she faced and the emotional strain she endured. Diana’s revelations broke down the walls of silence that had long surrounded the royal family, paving the way for a new era of openness.

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, further added to the narrative of public dissent. Her Oprah interview was a watershed moment, providing a platform for her to air her grievances and share her experiences as a member of the royal family. In addition to her televised confessions, Ferguson authored books under her royal title, offering readers a window into her life within the palace walls. Furthermore, her association with Weight Watchers, using her Duchess of York title, drew both praise and criticism.

In light of these revelations, it’s worth considering the perspective that Prince Harry should have been allowed to stay at a royal residence. After all, he isn’t the first member of the royal family to offer insights into royal life. The precedent has been set by figures like Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Sarah Ferguson, who have all shared their experiences and viewpoints.

This raises questions about the consistency in how such disclosures are received within the royal family. If openness and honesty are valued, then allowing Prince Harry access to a royal residence would seem to align with that ethos. It’s important to remember that he too is a member of this historic institution, and his experiences and perspectives are part of the larger narrative.

As the monarchy grapples with these seismic shifts, it remains to be seen how these disclosures will shape the future of the royal family. The once untouchable institution now finds itself navigating uncharted waters, with each revelation and critique leaving an indelible mark on its legacy. The question that remains is whether these fractures can be mended, or if they will continue to shape the monarchy’s trajectory for generations to come.

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