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Re: Fresh and Fit gets demonetized on YouTube

Freedom of Speech doesn't mean YouTube have to pay you

Let’s get this straight: As an American born and raised, I strongly believe in the Freedom of Speech. However, many people fail to realize that with that freedom, there comes consequences and/or rewards. Many people may not like what you have to say but won’t stop you from saying it.

YouTube is a platform owned and operated by Google. We, the people, do not own it. If tomorrow, YouTube wants to kick everyone off the platform and start uploading AI generated content so that they keep all the ad revenue to themselves, they are well within their rights to do so because Google, not you or me or the guy/woman across the street, owns YouTube. Sure, that doesn’t mean we have to watch the AI generated content or even visit YouTube once Google starts kicking people off. Their company, their rules.

Everyone is free, at least in the US they are free, to start a YouTube-like platform. Rumble did it. You can do it to if you have the skills, money, and time.

That being said….


Fresh and Fit gets demonetized on YouTube

Fresh and Fit is part of the manosphere of YouTube (and now Rumble) where they give advice to men on “females, fitness, and finances.” Oftentimes, the conversations involve subjects like how women deserve less than men and how feminism gave women an edge in society over men as well as other “redpill” conversations.

The Fresh and Fit podcast is ran by cohosts Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes. Gaines described how he had a choice between his job and the podcast and he chose to leave his job to focus on the podcast. Now, YouTube has kicked Fresh and Fit off the YouTube Partner Program which means no revenue from ads and the inability for fans to donate on Super Chats.

YouTube’s comment on the situation was:

“We’ve suspended the FreshandFit channel from the YouTube Partner Program for repeated violations of our policies, including our Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines and Community Guidelines.”


YouTube is a business

Just like any other company on Earth, YouTube is a business that needs and wants to make a profit to continue to exist. Part of the way YouTube makes a profit is by going to other companies for those companies to advertise on YouTube’s platform. Other companies want to make a profit so they worry about their image and reputation. Having their ads next to content that may be off putting to some of their current or future customers isn’t the best way to go about looking to make a profit.

Therefore, YouTube put guidelines content creators could follow if they want to be part of the YouTube Partnership Program. Violating those guidelines means no money/Partnership access.

Freedom of Speech

As of right now, YouTube has not kicked Fresh and Fit off the platform. Therefore, Fresh and Fit still have access to a platform (YouTube) where they can continue talking about their ideas and thoughts on Female, Fitness, and Finance to their audience. The only thing YouTube is doing is taking the Partnership access away. Basically saying Fresh and Fit are free to talk on their podcast but that doesn’t mean YouTube or any other company have to pay them.

With all the other ways Fresh and Fit can earn money, I’m sure it won’t be long before they find a way for their audience to donate whether it is through Paypal, Patreon, or some other service.

Fresh and Fit moves to Rumble

Rumble (referral link) has become an alternative platform for many who seek to have more freedom to say what their want without violating YouTube’s guidelines while earning money from ads. Fresh and Fit has moved over to Rumble where they currently have less subscribers than on YouTube. They have also requested $5 from their fans to keep their podcast running.

Moral of this whole story?

When you are hustling online, it is good to keep several income stream going so that if YouTube or some other platform say you violated their guidelines or shut you down for whatever reason, you’ll still have income coming in.

Additionally, keep in mind that you don’t own anything but the content you upload. These platforms are not your businesses, they are not your friend, you are not the owners of YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Whatever you do or say, keep in mind that you are still at the mercy of others. It doesn’t matter if you have a blog (unless you own the hosting company) or use a platform. You don’t 100% own everything. Freedom of Speech comes with consequences and/or rewards. Move wisely and remember we don’t all have to know what you are thinking, how you are feeling. It is good to keep some things private.

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