Prince Harry Addresses Controversy Over Lady Susan Hussey’s Racist Remark

Prince Harry recently spoke out about a controversy that erupted after Lady Susan Hussey made a racist remark to a Black British charity worker during a reception at Buckingham Palace in December 2022. The charity worker, Ngozi Fulani, was the founder of Sistah Space and the incident caused widespread criticism. The former lady-in-waiting of Queen Elizabeth II and the godmother of Prince William, Lady Hussey, apologized to Fulani for her comments.

Reconciliatory Meeting Suggested

In a recent interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby, Harry expressed his happiness for Fulani to be invited to the palace for a reconciliatory meeting with Lady Hussey. He stated that Meghan and he loved Susan Hussey and he knew that she did not mean any harm. He also commented on the horrendous response that the British press and people online had given to the incident due to the stories that were written.

Calls for Accountability

Harry expressed his desire for the royal family to show accountability in a similar way. He highlighted that after six years, the press had not said a single thing about the treatment of Meghan. He concluded that the royal family was always willing to defend themselves but not willing to take responsibility or accountability.

Lack of Action on Previous Concerns

The Sussexes reportedly said they had raised various concerns in the past, and no meeting, formal apology, or taking of responsibility had been done. The source close to the Sussexes reacted to the Palace’s announcement that Lady Hussey had apologized to Fulani, indicating that nothing like that had ever been done when they raised concerns.

Prince Harry addressed the recent controversy over the racist remark made to Ngozi Fulani, the founder of Sistah Space. He expressed his desire for the royal family to take accountability, indicating that they had not done so in the past, despite previous concerns being raised. He suggested a reconciliatory meeting between Fulani and Lady Hussey, showing his support for both women.