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NJoy’s Sulfur Mix for Hair Growth Review

The desire for longer hair has increase in modern times. Many people tend to have a hard time growing their hair long. If you have tried Boundless Tresses recipe, you will love NJoy’s Sulfur Mix for hair growth!

What is the mix?

The hair growth oil is a mixture of sulfur combined with various oils to give you a nice smelling product that will give your hair strength. This mixture will encourage your hair to grow faster as well.

Why make your own?

Making your own hair growth oil at home allows you to add oils, replace the ones you are allergic to or do not like, and it is higher in quality. Since many sellers of hair growth oils do not tell their customers exactly where each and every ingredient comes from, customers can end up with substandard products. By purchasing the ingredients yourself from companies you trust and making the growth oil at home, you will know the quality of the product.


Does NJoy’s Sulfur Mix for Hair Growth work?

The main ingredient in NJoy’s Sulfur Mix for Hair Growth oil as well as in Boundless Tresses hair growth oil is sulfur. Sulfur is used by the body to ensure your skin, hair, nails, etc. grows healthy. You take in sulfur by eating foods such as eggs and fish. By using sulfur externally, you will be giving your body an extra boost. I have used both Boundless Tresses hair oil and Njoy’s hair oil. I seen no difference between the two oils as far as hair growth is concern. Both recipes gave me extra length and stronger hair (and my nails became stronger as well!).

Who can use NJoy’s Sulfur Mix for Hair Growth?

Any adult with any hair type can use NJoy’s Sulfur Mix for Hair Growth oil. This oil may be very harsh for children’s hair and skin. I do not recommend putting this product in your child’s hair or on your child’s skin. You can change the ingredients to suit your needs.

THE RECIPE for NJoy’s Sulfur Mix for Hair Growth

****Always do a patch test when trying out new products.

1 heaping tsp  Sublimed Sulfur Powder

4 oz Organic Jojoba Oil

2 oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil

2 oz Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

4-5 drops Rosemary Oil

4-5 drops Peppermint Oil

See Boundless Tresses for an another alternative to NJoy’s Sulfur Mix for Hair Growth

Mix all ingredients in a nozzled applicator bottle and shake well. Let mixture sit overnight and patch test for sensitivities prior to use. Also, the sulfur will not dissolve in oil so, it is necessary to shake well before each use.   Caution***You don’t necessarily have to follow this recipe. If for any reason you are allergic to or do not like the smell of the oils, you can change them with oils you are comfortable with. Sulfur will cause a reaction in most people if used at a 10% or higher concentration in the mixture. This recipe is at approximately 7-8%. Please be safe and patch test the mixture in an inconspicuous place on your scalp.