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KonMari Method of Decluttering: 2 Ways To Avoid Regret As You Toss Out Your Sparkless Items

Many people have decided to try the KonMari Method to declutter their living spaces and, hopefully, their lives. However, some people have regrets after using the KonMari Method. Here are 5 ways you can avoid regret as you toss out your sparkless items.

1 Take Pictures

As you go through your home decluttering and organizing, some items may not spark joy. If that item is to be tossed out, take a picture. Paintings, sketches, an old shirt, or a toy that your child loved but no longer plays with can all be photographed one last time and stored on a hard drive. It is easy to think that just because something didn’t spark joy in you at a particular moment in time that it won’t spark joy in you further in the future. Having a picture would be great in case the item can be re-brought or recreated or simply to cherish the memory of having had that item in your life.

2 Setting the Item on the Side

As I was going through my family’s clothes, I came across tons of baby items. Clothes, teething rings, breast pumps, toys, and other things. I had cleaned and packed everything into a few plastic storage containers. At the time, they didn’t send a very strong spark of joy within me. It also didn’t help me when my husband asked if I wanted to keep anything for memories or to pass on to our children if they decided to have babies of their own. Additionally, my husband and I, though we have two children already, never really had the “are we done having babies” conversation.

So rather than giving away all the items that didn’t spark joy in me only to have to buy all the baby things later on, I set them on the side for a bit. At least until my husband and I are done having our conversation. If there is something in your home that needs a bit more time to think on, don’t rush to toss it out simply because it didn’t spark joy in you. Put it aside for the moment and think on it before deciding if the item will be useful in the future.

Have No Regrets Using the KonMari Method

Decluttering shouldn’t leave you with any regrets especially if you are using the KonMari Method. If it does, than the approach you have taken may not be the right one for you. It is ok if your lifestyle does not fit with the current fad. There are several other alternatives to decluttering you home that you can try. Do not hesitate or stress about it.