Kim Kardashian Look-Alike and OnlyFans Model Christina Ashten Gourkani Dies

The world was shocked to hear of the sudden death of Christina Ashten Gourkani, an OnlyFans model who was known for her resemblance to Kim Kardashian. Her family detailed her passing in a recent GoFundMe campaign, which revealed that Christina had died after a medical procedure went wrong.

The Tragic News

According to the GoFundMe campaign set up by Christina’s family, they received a call from another family member last week, frantically screaming that Christina was dying. Her family quickly rushed to the hospital, only to be told that her health had taken a steep decline after suffering a cardiac arrest. Christina did not survive.

The family believes that Christina’s death is being investigated as a potential homicide, related to a medical procedure that went awry. While there have been reports that the procedure involved plastic surgery, Christina’s family has not provided any further details at this time.

A Young Life Lost

Christina Ashten Gourkani was just 34 years old when she passed away. Her sudden death has left her family, friends, and fans in shock and disbelief. Christina was not only a popular model on OnlyFans, but she had also amassed over 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Known for her striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian, Christina had a large fan base that admired her beauty and style. Her death has sparked an outpouring of condolences and tributes from her followers, friends, and fellow models.

Remembering Christina

In the wake of Christina’s passing, her family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs of her memorial. They have set a goal of $40,000 and are asking for donations from Christina’s fans and supporters.

Christina’s death serves as a reminder of the dangers of cosmetic procedures and the importance of doing thorough research before undergoing any medical treatment. While it is still unclear what procedure Christina was undergoing at the time of her death, her passing highlights the potential risks associated with cosmetic surgery and other elective procedures.

Final Thoughts

Christina Ashten Gourkani was a young and talented model whose life was cut tragically short. Her passing has left a void in the lives of those who knew her, and her fans are mourning the loss of someone who brought beauty and joy into their lives.

As we remember Christina and honor her memory, let us also take this opportunity to reflect on the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other. May her soul rest in peace.


Rest in Peace to Christina. Peace, Love, and many blessings upon her family.


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