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Homemade Boundless Tresses recipe

What is Boundless Tresses?

Boundless Tresses was a product created by a user at LHCF for women who wanted to grow their hair faster. The product was not anything special and was considered by some users to be overpriced. There were women who had seen great result while using this product. This was simply because the main ingredient, sulfur, is known to help with hair growth. Over time, the maker of BT started to scam people. Orders for BT was taken, but the product was never sent out to buyers. Instead of wasting time on such scams, Boundless Tresses can be made at home.

How to make Boundless Tresses at home

The ingredients in the original Boundless Tresses was rather simple. The two ingredients in the original Boundless Tresses was olive oil and sulfur. Both olive oil and sulfur are great for stimulating hair growth. The recipe I found online is relatively simple and consisted of all natural ingredients. One Boundless Tresses recipe is below:

****Always do a patch test when trying out new products.

Two teaspoons Sulfur Powder

4 oz Jojoba Oil

3 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 oz Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

10 drops essential oil (your choice)

Directions: Put sulfur in the bottle first, then add oil. Shake well. Use like BT.

Need An Alternative to Boundless Tress?

Try NJoy’s Sulfur Mix for Hair Growth Review

There are so many ways you can change this recipe to make it better for you. Instead of jojoba oil, you can use hazelnut oil or oils you love. Instead using both olive oil and coconut oil, you can use just one of those oils. Shake well and apply it to your hair where you need it for growth. Remember, before trying any new oils or sulfur consult with your doctor first, in case of any health issues you may have. Also, do a small patch test first to make sure you do not have any allergic reactions. Patch tests are rather easy and quick. Put a small drop of this Boundless Tresses on a small area of your skin. After leaving for a day or two, check to make sure your skin is not irritated. If you do find any irritation, do not continue the use of this mixture. I have used this combination and love playing around with different oils based on my preference for their smell. My hair is healthy and long. Since I make my own Boundless Tresses, I am able to make it according to my hair needs. Having the ingredients on hand means I can make as much or as little Boundless Tresses.

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