Frequently Asked Questions

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Why can't I buy the items directly from you?

Please note that all items on this site is for showcasing only. Each product links back to a different website where you can purchase the item(s).

Full Disclosure:

Each link is a referral link.


This means I get a small amount of cash for referring you to the marketplace where my designs are placed on products and sold. If items are brought using my referral link, I get paid a small percentage of the purchase at no additional cost to the customers. 

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

Each website may have a different way of accepting payment from their customers. Please see the FAQ or Help page of each website you visit to learn which payment methods are acceptable.

How long will delivery take?

Please check the help or FAQ section of the website you want to purchase from for the delivery time.

I have a question about one of your designs. Can I contact you about it?

You are always welcomed to contact me about any of my designs. Please note that while I (Marie) may present a product on, this does not mean I am the designer. Currently, my husband is working with me. He sometimes upload his designs to my accounts. You can view his designs at

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