Crashed FTX now owes nearly $3.1 billion to top 50 creditors

50 biggest creditors of the crashed FTX cryptocurrency exchanged is reportedly owed $3.1 billion. FTX have filed for U.S. bankruptcy court protection.

In a Saturday court filing, FTX claim to owe $1.45 billion to the top ten creditors, however, FTX does not specifically name it’s creditors.

On November 11th, FTX and its affiliates had filed for bankruptcy in Delaware. The FTX collapse is a high profile crypto crash which has left about 1 million customers and investors facing billions of dollars in loss.

On Saturday, FTX have said that it has launched a strategic review of all its global assets. Some of its businesses may be sold or reorganized during this process.

According to a separate court filing, FTX’s hearing for first day motions is set for Tuesday morning which will be heard before a U.S. bankruptcy judge.

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