Christian Keyes recorded his abuser and now he’s ready to speak

Lots of people are pointing to Tyler Perry being the ALLEGED abuser...

Just wow. Something heavy has hit these internets that has shocked me. Christian Keyes has taken to the internet to reveal that he has something to say about being harmed in the entertainment industry by someone he considered to be a mentor.

Make it Make Sense on YouTube has done a deep dive into this alleged allegation.


People are pointing to Tyler Perry (ALLEGEDLY)

Tyler Perry, who revealed during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex’s docuseries that he is their daughter’s, Princess Lilibet, godfather, has been considered by many as the person who harmed Christian Keyes. Rumors of Tyler Perry’s alleged abuse of other men have been around for many years but nothing has ever been confirmed or denied.

However, Christian Keyes has admitted that he has recordings of his own abuse and will soon out the person or persons who harmed him (from the sound out it, it could have been two men and one woman). Apart from Tyler Perry being one of the people who may have ALLEGEDLY harmed Christian, people think the other abuser may ALLEGEDLY be Robert Smith, another black billionaire man, because Christian mentioned the person was “paying tuition for HBCU classes”.

Christian Keyes signed an NDA

During his live on Instagram, Christian Keyes admitted to signing an NDA but said that NDAs does not cover crimes which is true. It will be interesting in the coming days or months to see what gets released and who gets revealed in this whole mess.

There aren’t that many black male billionaires within our community so right now everyone is trying to pin down who the person or persons be.

Whatever the case may be, I, like many who is part of the black community, believe Christian Keyes and hope he is on the road to recovery.

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