Are we being duped and lied to by “royal expert” Omid Scobie?

A previous book that was published named King Charles as the "unconscious bias" person

There have been so many books published about the royals and ever since Meghan and Prince Harry announced their relationship to the world, the royal “experts” have increased their book publishing.

How did I miss Christopher Andersen’s book?

I am in a private chat group on WhatsApp that consists of family and friends who talk about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their project such as Spare, their docuseries, and so on. One person posted this video:


There is an article on Daily Beast published by Tom Sykes on Updated Nov. 30, 2021 2:32AM EST / Published Nov. 29, 2021 4:59PM EST titled “Yes, Prince Charles Really Is the ‘Royal Racist,’ Author Christopher Andersen Insists”. Here is a quote from that article:

Prince Charles is the member of the royal family who raised questions about the likely color of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s babies’ skin, the author of a new book about the royals which addresses controversy has exclusively told The Daily Beast.


Christopher Andersen’s book is titled “Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan”.


Is Omid Scobie making money off of the Sussexes by pretending to care about them?

Omid calls himself a royal expert but it is looking more and more like he simply gathered up information from across the internet, put it into a book and published it to make money.

I’m sitting trying to think. Would Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s friends or sources close to them really talk to Omid and tell the Sussexes private lives to him so that he could go and cash in on it? A lot of what he wrote could have been tweeted our or put in a YouTube video and the proceeds be donated to abuse women charity or some other good cause. I don’t think those close to the Sussexes would spill like this knowing how much the Sussexes value their privacy. These are two people who don’t even like their kids to be photographed in public. They tightly control their image and reputation.

How trustable is Omid Scobie? Is he there to help or just another greedy journalist who will line his pocket while the taking is good but will turn on one or both Sussexes to gain more money?

I have to sit down and really analyze “Endgame” with family and friends because something doesn’t add up. Is Omid trying to cause problems for the Sussexes so that he could keep profiting off of them?

Are the Courtiers really to blame?

It’s no secret that sometimes people working for the royals could cause trouble for married ins especially if those people think the spouse of the royals aren’t worthy of royal status. Catherine, the Princess of Wales was called Duchess Dolittle and Waity Katey. She was looked down upon because despite her parents being millionaires, they weren’t from the aristocratic class. The UK suffer from extreme classism unlike in the United States.

As a black American myself, I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around people being unable to move up and down the social ladder due to classism. It’s strange and like racism, classism needs to go.

However, I do question whether the courtiers were the ones who made King Charles’s questioning of what his grandkids would look like and their skin tone to be racist because they wanted to tear Prince Harry apart from Meghan. Did these courtiers think Meghan was unworthy of Prince Harry? Did they see she was willing to protect him and show him a different way of life and didn’t like it?

I would have to purchase and read Christopher Andersen’s book to see what else did he say about the Sussexes, Wales, Charles, and the courtiers.

For now, I’m so confused. Another book. Same claim as the one Omid has made. How did the media miss this yet they would go on and on about Meghan not wearing panty hose.

Yes, Prince Charles Really Is the ‘Royal Racist,’ Author Christopher Andersen Insists

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