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Alternative to Lularoe: The Marly Dress

Again disclaimer: I don’t live in the US and don’t have the ability to purchase these lovely clothes from Lularoe. Therefore, I look on Amazon¬† and other sites for styles that closely resembles Lularoe. Amazon and so many other sites are great places for me to purchase since they sell and deliver internationally.

I’m pretty sure I’ll still get a lot of hate mail from current Lularoe consultants telling me how I am taking money away from their families and not supporting small businesses. And how I am being a sore player by not supporting business ran by women.

Again: Lularoe does not sell to the country I am in. Peace.


Please note that the following dresses are similar. Exact matches can be sometimes difficult to find.

Now for those who are looking from an alternative to The Marly because they cannot get their hands on it for whatever reason, here are a few dresses I’ll be putting on my wishlist to purchase a bit later:


This dress is from Walmart and is named Time and Tru Women’s Belted Midi Shirt Dress with Pocket.

It can be found both online or in your local Wal-Mart.

I came across this particular dress while looking at Instagram.


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I think the style looks very pretty on her and seem to be versatile. Though I doubt I would wear a dress belt as a tie or a headband as Lularoe suggested.


Will update as I come across similar styles to the Marly dress.