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3 Ways To Get Coconut Oil Out of Hair

A lot of people use coconut oil in their hair for various reasons. However, some people may accidentally put too much or maybe they do not want the coconut oil in their hair anymore. Removing coconut oil shouldn’t be a hassle for you.

3 Ways You Can Use to Remove Coconut Oil from Your Hair

Here are three ways you can use to remove coconut oil:

1 Use an Egg

Break an egg and whisk the entire egg in a bowl.

Apply the whisked egg to your hair using a brush.

Leave in for about 5 minutes.

Rinse with either cold to lukewarm water. Caution: Using hot water can potentially cook the egg in your hair.

2 Conditioner

Use a conditioner for oily hair.

Leave it on your hair for the recommended amount of minutes before rinsing it off.

3 Shampoo

Use a shampoo for oily hair.

This may take several washings to get the coconut oil out of your hair.

How to Prevent Getting So Much Coconut Oil In Your Hair?

Before putting a lot of oil into your hair, you should do a small patch test to see how much oil your hair can take. Some people may just need a drop or two. Others may need more. Take a bit of your hair at the back of your head (less than a hand full) and start by applying a tiny amount of coconut oil to the strains of hair.  Either stop or continue to apply until you see the desire effect on your hair. Remember how much you had put on to that part of your hair and apply the amount to other places. Do not put coconut oil on your entire hair. The oil will move from one strain to the others as you style your hair.